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My photography

My interest in photography evolved from an early fascination with the silver halide based image capture and processing, through the scientific investigation of the information content of images, to the exploration of information abstraction as a link between the arts and sciences. The latter led to a quest to create information abstractions in the photographic medium that would be comparable to those achieved by artists working with other media.

The result of this work was exhibition of my photographs, entitled "Granular Art", in the gallery Extravagance in Poland in 2002. The information abstraction in photographic medium correlated closely with the concurrent developments in arts called "Granular Synthesis" pioneered by Kurt Hentschlager and Ulf Langheinrich through their video and audio installations. Granular Art and Granular Synthesis had a common theme, that of exploring the human perception of information conveyed through different media forms.

In 2015 I joined the Nottingham and Notts Photographic Society and benefitted greatly from being exposed to the works and opinions of fellow members of the society as well as listening to presentations of many excellent invited speakers. While my photographs range from macro- to astro- I am particularly attracted to photographing "people in their landscape" as a way of capturing the essence of their individual lives.

Andrzej Bargiela